We create value
with long-term vision.

Since 1978, our privately held real estate companies own, operate and redevelop commercial real estate in New York City.

For over four decades, we have successfully employed innovative strategies to acquire and reposition over 50 properties comprising over 5,000,000 square feet.

We are hands-on real estate owners and operators with a long track record of success in risk evaluation and value-creation, enabling our properties to consistently outperform the market.

What we do.

Our focus is to identify and acquire undervalued and underperforming office, industrial, and retail properties in emerging neighborhoods with significant value-add potential.

While our objective is long-term ownership, a history of strategically timed dispositions has allowed for the redeployment of capital into a fully owned core portfolio.

This approach has resulted in the creation of one of New York City’s most respected privately owned commercial property portfolios.

We take pride
in every property.

From inception, our company has believed that hands-on owner management is the surest way to minimize risk and maximize equity in our properties.

Every property is managed by our dedicated affiliate Meringoff Properties Inc., a vertically integrated management company of over 40 professionals who deal with leasing and lease negotiations, property management, tenant relations, accounting and cash management, financial reporting, and construction management.